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THE BASS TRAP SHUDIO is a professionally designed, freestanding studio building. With multiple layers of firewall drywall; closed-cell and rockwool insulation; decoupled walls, ceilings and floors and a floating booth; it is truly isolated from the outside world. With absolutely NO parallel surfaces in the vocal booth, the sound quality is amazing, and with no extra foam or sound panels needed to absorb standing waves. Studio components include a Blue Spark microphone (Shure SM-81 and BG 4.0, AKG D1200E and Neumann TLM 103, U-87 and Senheiser MKH-416 available), PreSonus preamp, Scarlett 2i2 Gen 3, JBL Nano Patch, 4 flat-panel monitors, booth quiet ventilation system and iBUYPOWER PC with i7 8700 quad core processor with 3 hard drives totaling 3 TB. Adobe Audition  CC is the chosen software, along with Premier Pro and Avid Pro tools. 

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