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I am a voice actor and bass vocalist. I have recorded voice-overs for several radio commercials that have played over Sirrus Satellite Network, Fox Sports Radio Network and an on-camera TV ad that was shown on Comcast Cable covering the Southeastern US as well as commercials that have aired nationwide. I have performed the voice over on specialty and promotional products for music record labels, including a piece that was used to promote concerts in Europe and performed bass background vocals on many studio projects and live concerts including performing on the Grand Ole Opry. I am also a classical trained soloist.  Past and current clients include: Planet Nashville, An Evening with Pete Rose (Event Series), MorningStar Records, The Eddie Crook Co., Realty Mortgage Corp., The EDDIE Awards, First Baptist Church of Joelton, UCI, Daywind Music Group, Memories Of Elvis Tribute Concerts, PowerSource Inc., ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards, Matt Poe: Strength For The Game (Live Event Series), Fort Nashville Productions, Godsey & Associates, Sprocket Entertainment, DMG Concerts, JT STewart Enterprises and JRA.

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